Muž a žena grilujú Kečup na stole


from Slovak vegetable!

TOMATA is a Slovak family company which is the biggest producer of a tomato puree in Slovakia. We fuse family traditions and top-quality vegetable from local Slovak growers.

You can find more than 40 products in our portfolio. Besides the most popular tomato puree we also produce tasty ketchup, delicious sauces and apetizing mustard.

We stick to our time-tested receptures which guarantee the most varied tastes.

Carefully selected raw materials are guarantee for a healthy products. Our own tomatoe fields, where we grow true, juicy, sun riped tomatoes are our pride. We cooperate with reliable growers of vegetable and fruit only and keep a quality in every phase of the production process constantly.

  • Kečup jemný Premium


    jemný Premium

  • Kečup ostrý premium


    ostrý premium

  • Kečup  extra pikantný s jalapeno Premium


    extra pikantný s jalapeno Premium

  • Horčica  plnotučná Prémium


    plnotučná Prémium

  • Horčica  kremžská prémium


    kremžská prémium