TOMATA Kečup ostrý 900g PET

Tomato puree Premium

We are number one in the production of a tomato puree on the Slovak market. That’s why we keep pushing our boundaries and proudly present this tasty novelty – premium tomato puree of above-standard quality. This extraordinary puree is made from 100% freshly harvested tomatoes only. You can enjoy the rich taste and typical smell of real tomatoes from fertile fields of Southern Slovakia right after opening the lid. Tomato puree is a part of many dishes and therefore must not be missing in any kitchen. In our company we keep up with a new trends and the ecology is one of them for sure. We fill this exceptional product to fully recyclable, enviromentally friendly glasses as a part of our „green“ corporate policy. This unique product is 100% free of preservatives, GMO materials and artificial colors. Absence of an allergens such as gluten is a matter of course, so this outstanding puree can be used by celiacs too.

Zloženie výrobku: paradajky (480 g čerstvých paradajok na 100 g pretlaku).

Výživové údaje na 100g výrobku:
Energia426 kJ
Energia kcal101 kcal
Tuky<0,47 g
Nasýtené mastné kyseliny<0,1 g
Sacharidy17 g
z toho cukry10 g
Bielkovina4,3 g
Soľ0,25 g