TOMATA Kečup ostrý 900g PET

Mustard krems Premium

Our exceptional Krems mustard is here for those who love the real tastes. This goodness will add an unique rich taste to every meal for sure. Our excellent mustard represents an great combination of a high amount of top quality mustard seeds and the first-class wine vinegar. Also, sweetened with a sugar, this premium delicacy guarantees a gourmet experience for every lover of a good food. Tuned with the best aromatic spices, this outstanding mix of ingredients with an unique sweet taste is a must-have for any good cuisine. Just taste it and you will find out that this mustard exceeds all your expectations. Due to its above-standard level, this extraordinary product really outclasses any other common mustard. Going to a bbq party or picnic? Be sure not to forget our creamy mustard – it’s just perfect for any occassion or for home use, too. We guarantee that this product is 100% free of preservatives, GMO materials, artificial colors and gluten. As a part of our progressive business, we strive to produce an enviromental friendly products, just like the most of modern companies of 21. century. Therefore, this tasty mustard is filled into a fully recyclabe glass with practical, reclosable lid.

Zloženie výrobku: pitná voda, horčičné semienka, cukor, kvasný ocot liehový, ocot vínny biely, jedlá soľ, koreniny.

Výživové údaje na 100g výrobku:
Energia759 kJ
Energia kcal180 kcal
Tuky5,5 g
Nasýtené mastné kyseliny0,3 g
Sacharidy24 g
z toho cukry21 g
Bielkovina4,7 g
Soľ1,6 g