TOMATA Kečup ostrý 900g PET

Mustard classic Premium

Our creamy, golden-yellow colored mustard has earned status premium due to a high amount of top-quality mustard seeds. Flavored with the selected spices and sweetened with sugar, this mustard will add an excellent taste to any meal. This great fusion of ingredients is a must for every good kitchen – ideal for home use or even for a bbq party. The unique smell and rich taste of a real mustard. That’s what you get right after opening it. We care not only about the exceptional quality of goods, but also about health of our customers. The above-standard quality of this outstanding product guarantees that it is 100% free of preservatives, GMO materials, artificial colors and gluten – this mustard is also suitable for celiacs. Due to the progressive production progress, this tasty mustard has been produced ecologically. It’s one of our firm principles, that we fill our goods to the recyclable packagings only. In addition, thanks to its ideal volume and reclosable lid, this extraordinary mustard is just perfect for everyday use in any kitchen.

Zloženie výrobku: pitná voda, horčičné semienka, kvasný ocot liehový, cukor, jedlá soľ, koreniny.

Výživové údaje na 100g výrobku:
Energia480 kJ
Energia kcal115 kcal
Tuky4,8 g
Nasýtené mastné kyseliny0,3 g
Sacharidy9,9 g
z toho cukry7,6 g
Bielkovina4,2 g
Soľ1,5 g