TOMATA Kečup ostrý 900g PET

Ketchup hot Premium

As a part of our many years lasting experience in the ketchup production we strive to push the boundaries of a quality up and to produce from the best materials only. Our hot premium ketchup with a rich & strong taste and spicy flavor will add unique taste to any meal and satisfy even the most demanding ones. A hight amount of top-quality Slovak tomatoes in this product is a matter of course. Customer‘s satisfaction and health is our number one priority. Therefore, we follow the rule that harmful chemistry has no place in the content of this tasty ketchup. With us, you can be sure that this outstanding delicacy is 100% free of preservatives, GMO materials, artificial colors and allergens including gluten. We guarantee safe consumption for each of you, including celiacs. Prepared on the basis of a unique recipe with the addition of a pinch of an exceptional chilli, traditional spices and vegetables to improve the taste, this excellent goodness will remind you how the real ketchup should taste. We think ecologically, that’s why, due to the progressive production process, this premium product is filled to bottles with a reduced weight of fully recyclable plastic packaging. Equipped with a practical reclosable lid, this extraordinary ketchup is the best choice for any bbq party.

Zloženie výrobku: paradajkový pretlak (240g paradajok na 100g kečupu), voda, cukor, jedlá soľ, ocot kvasný liehový, extrakt z korenín, extrakt z čili (0,1%), sušená cibuľa, sušený cesnak, koreniny.

Výživové údaje na 100g výrobku:
Energia535 kJ
Energia kcal126 kcal
Tuky<0,5 g
Nasýtené mastné kyseliny<0,1 g
Sacharidy27 g
z toho cukry24 g
Bielkovina2,1 g
Soľ2,4 g